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Environment & Sustainability in Zanzibar – English edition

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A guide to the environment and sustainable living for Zanzibar schools and communities

Learn how we can all help safeguard the natural resources we depend on for a sustainable future for Zanzibar

Nell Hamilton, Jokha Omar, Narriman Jiddawi, Anita Walther, Sophia Masuka, Elizabeth Godfrey & David Tanner

Edited by Nell Hamilton. Published by Chumbe Island Coral Park in 2011. ISBN 978-9987-9567-1-6

Click on the links below to read and / or download each section. This is the English version – click here for Kiswahili.

Front coverIntroduction & Contents

Environment & Sustainability – Mazingira na unendelevu

Biodiversity – Bioanuwai

Mangroves – Mikoko

Seagrass – Nyasi bahari

Coral reefs – Miamba ya matumbawe

Fisheries – Uvuvi

Pollution – Uchafuzi wa mazingira

8 Climate change – Mabadaliko ya hali ya hewa

Glossary & DictionaryTake actionBack cover

 © 2011 Nell Hamilton / CHICOP.  This publication may be reproduced entirely or partly, in any form whatsoever, for educational and non-profit making uses, without prior authorisation, provided the source is mentioned.  CHICOP would nevertheless wish that a copy of the work where the reproduced extract is used is sent to them.  The present publication may neither be sold nor utilised for commercial purposes.  It is forbidden to use any information from this publication for advertisement purposes. 
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