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Waste in Zanzibar – Education and Awareness Guide

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Revised and developed by Ulli Kloiber

This waste education booklet is a revision of the ‘Zanzibar Waste Management Teacher Manual’ that has been produced within the framework of the Pro Poor Tourism Project, implemented by ACRA and Changamoto, and co-funded by the European Union.

This new booklet was created to motivate YOU, not only the teacher, but also the student, the shopkeeper and the person next door, to explore the world of waste that surrounds us and affects us our life, our health and our environment! It is designed to encourage observation and enquiry into waste related environmental issues that are meaningful to you.

Kitabu hiki ni also available in Kiswahili kusoma online au download hapa.

Cover, introduction and contents

Part 1 – waste background

Part 2 – Waste management (including How to make your own compost)

Part 3 – Waste investigation

Teach someone younger

Teach someone older

Have some fun!

Making a difference – waste projects in Zanzibar

Get connected and further reading

Glossary – waste words

Back page and back cover

To reformat the book back into one .pdf file after you have downloaded it visit PDFSplit!

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