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Welcome to Ecologue: Nell Hamilton’s website & blog

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Karibuni wote!

I am Nell Hamilton – environmental educator, sustainability advocate, marine ecologist, writer, and founder of Zanzibar NGO Sustainable East Africa.

Ecologue is where I blog about all things eco, and personal thoughts and reflections that inform my life and my work.

Eco- means the environment and humanity’s relation to it
-logue means a kind of discourse, or one who is immersed in or driven by something

– all of which applies!

My work involves promoting sustainability, sustainable livelihoods, respect for the environment, or more specifically, empowering motivated people to do these things.  I work with passionate local community groups, schools and other organisations to help them achieve their goals sustainably. Sustainable East Africa provides mentorship and support to volunteers who come through World Unite! to support our projects in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

I’ve been in Zanzibar since 2010.  I have also lived in Belize and Canada, and I grew up in the UK.

Thank you very much for reading, if you like it please share, and if something I write makes you think, share your thoughts in the comments!

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