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  • If you enjoy what I write and want to read more…!
  • or if you think the work I do to support Sustainable East Africa’s project partners is worthwhile…!
  • And if you can afford to!

– please consider dropping a little something in my tip jar below. Even a small amount would help enormously!

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Being stereotypically British, asking for money is not something that comes easily!  But the fact remains that – while I am doing well at supporting Sustainable East Africa’s local partners and helping them to be financially self-supporting in what they do, I am not willing to take funds from them to support my own costs or those of SEA. This blog and website represents part of my outreach so if you can, please consider helping out!

Even a small contribution will help me fuel my car, put credit on my phone, pay the rent, and buy paper and printer ink and other essential expenses. Sustainable East Africa is only just beginning and I do not draw a salary for the work I do.

If only thirty readers could spare $15 / £10 a month or so, this would provide me with a stipend sufficient to continue to support 50 students of the PLCI environment club, 30 students of the PLCI girls’ club, and 50 members of Vikokotoni clean-up crew (along with the other many many people we are working with) to learn the skills they need to make a sustainable income themselves while taking care of Zanzibar’s precious natural resources.

Thank you enormously for your support.


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