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Sustainable East Africa (SEA) works as a catalyst to enable existing local schools, groups and organisations to meet their goals more effectively and more sustainably.

Our current partners include:

Manispaa Jamii Vikokotoni – Vikokotoni Environment Society

Manispaa Jamii Vikokotoni (MJV) is a NGO in the community of Vikokotoni, Stone Town, whose main focus is to clean-up their community and to introduce effective waste management to protect the environment and make Vikokotoni a safe, healthy and beautiful place to live. They are also developing an education and awareness-raising programme to encourage community support and participation in their activities.

As well as improving recycling, sanitation and drainage, MJV are working, with SEA’s support, to improve livelihoods in sustainable ways through diverse entrepreneurial activities from drain cleaning to sustainable charcoal briquette manufacture to making upcycled jewelery from recycled paper.

Read more about SEA’s projects with Manispaa Jamii Vikokotoni:

Cultural Arts Centre, Zanzibar

The Cultural Arts Centre, Zanzibar (CACZ) was founded in 2008, with the goal to promote Zanzibari culture and provide sustainable livelihoods for local people focussing on traditional techniques and materials. The Cultural Arts centre in Stone Town showcases local artists and craftspeople and offers training for locals and tourists in traditional craft techniques.

Read more about SEA’s projects with the Cultural Arts Centre, Zanzibar:

Sustainable souvenirs

Prospective Learning and Charitable Institution

The Prospective Learning and Charitable Institution (PLCI) is a charitable school founded in 2006 to offer educational opportunities to young men and women who are orphaned, living in poverty, or otherwise disadvantaged. PLCI achieves this by offering a free educational support centre in their community and helping students develop the skills they need to succeed in school and aspire to better lives. PLCI has a volunteer staff of nine teachers.

PLCI is located on the outskirts of Zanzibar town, at Melitano, Fuoni, a disadvantaged neighbourhood. It was founded by Director Shaffi Mwita Haji (aka Gasica), then aged just 17. Gasica started out teaching English to a group of students. The curriculum now includes science, maths, and sports and special-interest clubs and caters to over 250 students who have all chosen to attend the school in addition to public education.

In November 2012, with support from SEA, they established an Environment Club, through which the school also reaches out to local unemployed youths in the community and has established a small farm. In June 2013 SEA helped young women students to establish a Girls’ Club.

Read more about SEA’s projects with PLCI:

St Michael’s Catholic Church Community, Mwera

Mwera is a rural community about 10 minutes east of Stone Town. SEA has supported the community to build two water tanks from recycled plastic bottles, and to start a community programme to grow vegetables in keyhole gardens. Although the project activities are taking place on church land, both Christian and Muslim community members are working together on the projects, and the whole community is keen to adopt the building and farming techniques on other sites in future.

Read more about SEA’s projects in Mwera:


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